“Houthis” surprise Riyadh


Igor Sobotin wrote, in “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”, about the dangerous gains that the Houthis are making on the land of Yemen, allowing them to attack Saudi Arabia, and the American reluctance to support Riyadh.

The article states: The Saudi authorities have begun to reassess their strategy in Yemen. The kingdom’s efforts to defend the oil-rich province of Ma’rib against local Houthi rebels this month overturned with the withdrawal of its coalition forces from another important site, the pivotal port city of Hodeidah, in what the UN mission called a “serious shift on the frontline.”

As noted by the Wall Street Journal, unexpected shifts “on the ground” allowed Ansar Allah fighters to reopen the transportation route from Hodeidah to the capital, Sanaa. Experts interviewed by the newspaper believe that Saudi Arabia is not now trying to strengthen its position in Marib as much as it is doing so on its border with Yemen, because the possibility of the oil province moving to Houthi control gives them a foothold to launch new attacks on the kingdom.

Some officials in the Biden administration are trying to persuade the president to relax restrictions on military support for Riyadh so that the Saudi leadership can fend off offensive rebel operations and maintain an edge. However, as observers see, the White House master’s approval of this scenario means his abandonment of his first initiatives.

Earlier this year, the US presidential administration openly declared its willingness to reset relations with Saudi Arabia.

On the eve of the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks this year, Western agencies announced the withdrawal of advanced US missile defense systems from Saudi Arabia’s Prince Sultan base. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin also postponed his visit to the kingdom, despite his tour of the Middle East. In Riyadh, they saw this as a sign of a downgrading of relations.

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