How can you create profitable and influential accounts on social media?


Social media influencers have a wide audience of followers who interact with their stories and lifestyle; According to what was reported by “Erm News”.

Influencers practice fixed rules, to continue to circulate widely, and to keep their pages interactive on various topics.

Create an influencer account

According to the “Texas News Today” website for variety news, people who want to become an influencer on social media, by creating profitable pages, should follow a set of tips.

One of the tips to follow is to see the topics that users of social networking sites talk about on their pages, re-evaluate them, and determine their importance and impact on followers.

After that, it is recommended to search for the most popular hashtags among users of social networking sites, for example: “Search for topics that have achieved a trend, such as the most popular songs and dances from around the world, and the most popular topics among the pioneers of social networking sites.”

When you add these tags, and talk about them in personal content, they contribute to its success, and increase the number of followers and their interaction with the content.

It is also recommended to allow the audience to interact with comments, as this means more people who will interact with topics in good and bad ways, as evaluating negative comments contributes to creating successful content and obtaining an influential rating.

Setting goals

There are some ways that social media influencers use in order to maintain their popularity, through these platforms.

It is not easy for influencers to maintain their rank on social media, or like any normal fixed-time daily job.

Depending on the size of the viewership and the type of content the influencers are producing, a series of tasks must be exercised, and a significant amount of time each day is spent compiling material and creating content; To continue developing their social media platforms.


There are also, various difficulties, faced by influential accounts on social media platforms.

“If you are thinking of becoming an influencer, the path to success is not easy, and constantly following the influencer’s life on social media can affect their mental health,” says Philip Miner, an influencer and art gallery curator on Instagram.

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