How do we keep our eyes and neck from sitting long in front of the computer?


For some, it is an essential part of their work, for others it is a vehicle for information and use in their leisure and relaxation times.

The fallout from the Corona virus has prompted many to work from home via the computer, even our children are taking virtual lessons through it at home.

The Spanish magazine “La Vida Lucida” published a report on the effects of computer use on our bodies, which may often lead to dizziness, headache and shoulder pain.

Shoulder, eye, neck and back

The report stated that the continuous use of computers, whether for work, play, or even browsing, negatively affects the eyes, back, neck and shoulder.

Although these negatives are not combined and are not permanent, but they can be avoided, with the fact that we have to stay in front of computer screens for long hours, according to what the research mentioned from the measures that can be taken.

The time we spend in front of the computer should not exceed 4 hours per day.

During this time, we should take 10-minute breaks at regular intervals.

It is recommended to keep a distance of more than 40 cm from the computer screen

The lighting in the room should be sufficient so as not to tire the eyes, and it is always recommended to have a light source away from the screen.

The screen should be lower than our eye level.

If you feel irritation in your eyes, rinse them with a little lukewarm water.

Gently massage your neck if you feel pressure or discomfort.

Ensure that the position you are sitting in is correct, and avoid sitting on your side or on your legs.

Gently move the roller of your mouse hand and make circular motions on your wrist.

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