How is the Yemeni army destroyed?


When France and America returned Khomeini to Iran, in February 1979, under the guise of the so-called Islamic Revolution, his first decision was to get rid of the Iranian regular army, which was against their revolution, and represented a fortress to protect Iran from them, during the decades prior to his pandemic, so he plunged it into a war Random with Iraq, and in its war against the Iraqi army, it adopted the method of coordination, that is, pushing successive masses of people to penetrate the ranks of the opponent, and this method leads to the annihilation of most of the attackers.

The goal of the Persian Hashemite Shiite community was:

1. Getting rid of the regular mass of the Iranian army.

2. The large number of deaths from the Iranian army leads to the sowing of resentment and hatred among the Iranians against Iraq, so that they can create a war and fighting environment that will follow them inside Iran, in order to facilitate for them the creation of hateful generations and imbued with Shiite beliefs and ideas, through the blood of those who were in the past against their Shiite faction and sectarianism.

3. Eliminating the former army and the former civilian elite, and replacing the army with sectarian Shiite militias, as happened with the formation of the Revolutionary Guards in Iran, the Popular Mobilization in Iraq, the Hezbollah militias in Lebanon, and the Al-Hussein Houthi Brigades in Yemen, and the creation of another civilian elite that follows them She supports their racist project with conviction.

This is what is happening in Yemen, for the Houthi group took from Iran even the slogan of death, not to mention the marches, explosives, ideas and plans. It adopted the method of sending tens, hundreds and thousands of innocent Yemenis to the death yards, with the aim of spreading their hatred, desecration and their sectarian project on every house in Yemen, and with the purpose of getting rid of The solid mass of the army, security and tribes, who managed to drag them into the war, but they were unable to convince them of their Persian Hashemite project.

By increasing the dead, they are able to infiltrate the villages and cities, to offer condolences and duty, and to give fictitious and false ranks to the dead, and through that inflame people’s emotions, awaken their nervousness and grudges, and rob their minds with grudges and resentments against opponents of their deadly project, in Ma’rib, the coast, and the rest of the fronts. With their actions, they seek to offer thousands to be killed, then they come to invest in their blood, to recruit the rest of their relatives with them, and to charge society with their destructive beliefs, taking advantage of people’s sorrows and anger.

Indeed, they were able to eliminate most of the Yemeni army’s bloc, which is considered an implementation of the demands of Hussein al-Houthi in his sermons, when he wished to be able to discipline the Yemeni army, for its participation in the fight with Iraq against Iran in the eighties of the last century. They were also able to eliminate the educated elite, the media sector, trade and industry, displace them outside Yemen, and replace everyone with their followers from Bani Persia.

The Houthis had their own ideological army, their own financial institutions, and their own payrolls; Even oil, diesel and gas, they have a special way to distribute them to their followers, as for the rest of the people, it is no longer available to them except for the fronts and the union, and the mobilization to the celebration squares, and making donations, as well as the forged military ranks, which are spent on the simple from the deceived of the sons of Yemen, deliberately To insult the army and the security, as for their private army, it has its own statements, ranks, allowances, and special features, which only those close to them can see.

Therefore, there is no way out for Yemen except with public interests, unifying efforts to restore the state, and discarding side disputes, and before this, we demand the leaders of legitimacy to return to the interior to lead the battle, unless the sword of the Imamate will pass over everyone’s necks.

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