Huge losses and the battle is over..A brigade commander in the army announces what happened in the past hours after a major Houthi attack in Marib


A prominent military commander in the National Army confirmed that the battle waged by the heroes of the army and the popular resistance against the Houthi coup militia, in the past hours, south of Marib Governorate, ended with heavy losses for the militias.

The commander of the 143rd Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Theyab Al-Qibli Nimran, said that the army’s heroes managed, today, Tuesday, to break an attack by the Iranian Houthi militia, south of Ma’rib, that lasted for six consecutive hours.

He stressed that the battle fought by the heroes of the army and the resistance ended with the killing of dozens of members of the Iranian Houthi militia, and the destruction of its vehicles, according to the army newspaper, “September Net”.

The brigadier general pointed out that the aircraft of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy carried out several focused air raids, targeting scattered gatherings and reinforcements of the militia on the fronts of the governorate, inflicting losses on them.

The army forces, backed by the popular resistance, continue to inflict heavy losses on the Iranian Houthi militia, in lives and equipment, on the southern fronts of Marib Governorate.

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