I have not been pleased with news like this for months.. I will celebrate with the Abyan heroes this evening


I’m partying with the Abyan heroes tonight!
Fahmane Club is a champion of the Republic of Yemen League
I haven’t been happy with news like this for months
Fahman Abyan wins the First Division League for the first time in its history
Wahdat Sana’a Club won the future!
Despite the war, circumstances, neglect and banditry, they win
Football players and politicians disappointed!
Hundreds and thousands of years ago and until today, Yemeni writers, athletes and artists have been the nostalgia of the earth, the pulse of its soil and the rhythm of its pebbles.. They were the voice of the people and the Greater Yemen and still are.
Unite the country before the foolish politicians!
I will now drink Abyan coffee with ginger, cardamom and corn!
The big cup is in front of me!
You can celebrate too
Despite all the sorrows, Abyan wins the Republic of Yemen league!
Fahman.. O, the ancient Yemenite Sabaean name!

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