If the judge fines you from the street


Serious and grave imbalances committed in the niche of the judiciary violate the sanctity of the judiciary and desecrate its sanctity..

One of the most serious imbalances in the judiciary is the judge’s departure from the principle of impartiality and his transformation from a judge to an abusive contractor who emerges from the first court sessions, an arch-dishonorable opponent of one party and a daring lawyer for the other party, perhaps his personal conviction and perhaps corruption, perhaps illegal interests, perhaps personal behavior and psychological perversion, but?

The judge turns into an opponent, the dates of the trial sessions turn into a terrible nightmare, and the courtrooms turn into an arena of fighting revolutionaries, in which the judge roars and waves in the ruling podium as if he is a pharaoh or a god.

The judge’s bias in the trial procedures is directly reflected in judicial rulings filled with judicial and legal errors that are canceled and the litigation procedures are lengthened due to the judge’s bias towards a party in a judicial litigation and a rival to one party..

I did not expect the state of the judiciary to reach such a dangerous level that the blood, money and honor of citizens are violated in the niche of the judiciary because of the mood of a deranged, arrogant judge who does not know anything about the law and who violates the law with a boldness that shivers our skin and bodies..

When the mood of the judge controls the course of the cases, the judiciary turns into a large vestibule in the brain of a domineering judge, a dark brain with no light in it.

I didn’t expect the judiciary to reach this state…

A judge emerges from the first adversary session for a party in a litigation, and a bold lawyer for the other party prevents a party from speaking and refuses to prove his defenses, responses, and proofs.. A judge moves a case that has expired by more than ten years without taking any action, although the law provides for the fall of judicial litigation with the passage of three years from the date of the litigation The last correct procedure .. A judge refuses to prove a plea that the legal litigation falls by the statute of limitations with the passage of more than ten years from the last correct procedure in the case.. A judge refuses to prove a payment that the case has ended by conciliation and refuses to receive the payment and asks the payment provider to prove the payment before handing it over.. And after proving the payment in The next session and the end of the case, he refuses to prove the parties’ endorsement of reconciliation and moves a finished case.. The judge turns to his ways.. The judge turns into an opponent who utters offensive words and words that take him out of impartiality and plunge him into the quagmire of corruption and bias…

Ask about this judge:

Are there illegitimate interests behind the bias of the judge? ..

Does this judge have a psychological contract that he frees up in court sessions?

Is the judge normal or out of his consciousness?

We try to make the judge understand the provisions of the law, but he is arrogant and refuses to listen. Perhaps the walls of the court understood the law and memorized its texts, but the judge is like a focused cone..

The topic does not stop in this box…

You will be faced with multiple options in the face of the judge’s intransigence and stubbornness. Either you remain silent and continue to attend the massacre of court sessions in which the law is slaughtered from vein to vein and the neck of justice is relentlessly broken. The second option is to submit a complaint to the judicial inspection.. Both options are passed.

Judicial inspection to save complaints, justify the judges’ violations, and motivate them to crack down on those who filed complaints against them.

The first complaint submitted to the judicial inspection is filed with the justification that the judge had intended and intended and was and was refusing the judicial inspection to send a copy of the complaint to the suspicious judge according to the judicial inspection regulations, and preserve the mood of another judge in the judicial inspection, a friend and colleague of the suspect judge, a judge investigating a judge and a judge looking into a complaint against A fellow judge.

You file a grievance against the preservation decision. They refuse to appeal and refuse to refer a copy of the complaint to the suspect judge. Rather, the inspection judge shouts that the suspicious judge is the best judge. How will the complaint be considered against him? If the judge who violates the ABCs of the law and violates the ethics and behavior of the judiciary profession is biased and impartial is the best judge, who is the bad judge!! !

You are surprised that the accused judge did not like to file complaints against him. He agreed with the other party in the judicial litigation and held sessions before the date of the court session, which was scheduled in the last minutes of the session before submitting the complaint to the judicial inspection in an attempt to achieve a significant deviation in the course of the case against the one who filed a complaint against him. ..

The judiciary has turned into an arena for wrestling and stubbornness, not a platform for justice and truth..

The suspicious judge is waiting for the person who filed his complaint to issue a decision in the hope that he will cure his frustration with those who complained against him. He directs the soldiers to arrest the accused of a crime. He submits a complaint against him to the judicial inspection. The judicial inspection was a crime and submitting a complaint to him was also a crime. He shouted at the top of his voice, locked him up. Bully judge…

Soldiers jump on the body of the person who filed a complaint against the judge for the judicial inspection, trying to tear it apart and drag him to his prison cell so that the suspicious judge can rest and heal his frustration from those who filed a complaint against him…

The complainant moves to the head of the court, perhaps he will complain and return the suspect to something, but no way. The president of the court also decides to imprison the crime of entering his office by force to file a complaint against a judge suspected of being very cold.

The complainant goes to the court cell so that a simple soldier begins to open an investigation report on the reason for imprisonment. Those present with the suspect judge intervene to release the complainant, but he refuses until the end of the working hours in order to cure his frustration with those who filed a complaint against him for the judicial inspection. The judge makes papers and notes under his signature to justify slaughtering the law from vein to vein. ..

When justice is slaughtered in the niche of justice…

And if the judge is your opponent of strife..

This is the judiciary, unfortunately, this is the judiciary, unfortunately

And if the judge is your opponent of strife..

The accused judge, if he knew that there was a strict judicial inspection, would stop his arrogance, he would not slaughter the law and would abide by it.

After this large number of violations, you have two options: either you file a complaint to the judicial inspection so that the abuses will be repeated and repeated, and the complaint is preserved, or silence and consideration of the law as it is slaughtered in the niche of justice and justice as it suffocates under the feet of bias and abuse..

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