Image .. a 5-meter snake intercepts road construction workers in Wesab, Dhamar Governorate


A number of activists circulated on social media platforms pictures of a snake more than five meters long, which caused a halt to work on the construction of a road in the Wesab area of ​​Dhamar governorate at the expense of the residents.

Local sources said that the workers of constructing a dirt road, which is being built at the expense of the people in the Wesab area of ​​Dhamar governorate, stopped working because of the presence of a snake in one of the mountain ranges.

The sources added that the road, which is more than 13 km long, passes through mountainous areas punctuated by cliffs and mountain cracks full of snakes, which are killed on a daily basis during the crack, but the snake that appeared yesterday evening caused the suspension of the project due to its large size.

The people in the Wessab area are constructing a road linking the Aoubel-Al-Musanam-Al-Rajm station to connect the Hussainiya Dhamar and Wesab Al-Ali line, at a cost of more than seventy million Yemeni riyals.

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