Imitating Saddam Hussein.. A Houthi leader witnessed shooting with a “cigarette” in his mouth to loot a land, and his end was shocking


A Houthi leader arrogantly shot citizens on board a military vehicle with a cigarette in his mouth and imitating Saddam Hussein through clothes and movements, in an attempt to loot the citizens’ lands.

Today, Sunday, the Yemeni scene obtained a video clip, in which the Houthi leader, Abu Yousef Al-Makli, appears on board a Houthi military vehicle, a Toyota four-wheel drive – formerly affiliated with the Republican Guard forces – shooting at a “bulldozer” in an attempt to prevent it from operating from For the looting of the land of a citizen in Radaa District, Al-Bayda Governorate, central Yemen.

According to tribal sources, the al-Mukali Houthi leader was brought in by the Ashish family, who are at odds with the Naqous family, whose homes were burned and shot more than once.

The tribal sources said that two of the Naqous family were shot by the Houthi leader al-Makli, in addition to disabling the tires of the bulldozer after detonating it with bullets, which was followed by the killing of al-Makli.

A large number of citizens in the region complained about the looting of their lands by Houthi leaders, most of whom are from the dynasty, threatening to take revenge from the Houthi leaders who use state vehicles and weapons to loot them, especially from the dynasty, according to their saying.

The Houthi militia caused the dynastic families to plunge into a conflict with the tribesmen with the majority population, which threatens to break up the social fabric and spread revolts between them and the Yemeni tribesmen.

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