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Let us talk here with the same simple citizen who does not care about a party, bloc or alliance, perhaps some things will become clear and everyone will benefit from them and build decisions through them or deal based on them.

Since the liberation of some areas west of Taiz and south of Hodeidah, I have not written a single letter or expressed my opinion. Rather, I supported the progress greatly, without talking about any analysis despite what happened previously.

Therefore, before I start, there is a question, are the areas that were controlled in Hays and towards Al-Barah and others able to be compared in terms of “strategy” to others?

For the record, when I went to Hodeidah, I stood in the Corniche and someone was pointing his finger and telling me there is Al-Durayhimi, meaning that it is very close and overlooking the sea. Is it logical to hand it over and go away from it and then talk about the Houthis’ defeat in other areas that they can liberate without handing over an inch of what Was it delivered?

We do not underestimate the importance of liberating any area. Rather, we explain how these forces justified their withdrawal from dangerous locations under the pretext of liberating other areas. We had hoped that progress would be made south of Hodeidah and west of Taiz without handing over an inch to the Houthis from Hodeidah or elsewhere, regardless of who made the withdrawal.

What happened from the simpler citizen’s point of view is the withdrawal of the so-called “joint forces”, which we do not know as simple Yemenis who are tracking and why they were called “the joint” and were not named units of the Yemeni army. He was a British American, but the Emirati instruction..

In other words, it is withdrawing to Mocha, and annexing the areas of Al-Khoukha and the coastal districts of Taiz, including Shamir and parts of the borders of Al-Aden, and geographically including Bab Al-Mandeb, Mayun, and others, to be named as an area or governorate that is under the control of the joint unknown forces that oversee the Yemeni coasts in order to control them as they are. He wants the financiers.

Because these parties do not guarantee that a new governor will come to Taiz and forcefully demand the return of Mocha to the bosom of Taiz, as it follows it and remove any forces from it that do not comply with the Ministry of Defense, as is currently happening in the Balhaf facility. The UAE does not want to repeat the mistake twice.

As for the other coasts, it is not excluded that the Houthis will be incited to engage in piracy at sea, and thus British and American peacekeepers or from any nationality come under the pretext of protecting the sea, and thus control of the part that those countries want.

Therefore, the people of Taiz must form a coherent and strong societal pressure in order to return Mocha and all the districts, including Dhu Bab, which includes Bab al-Mandab, to the bosom of their governorate, and quickly leave any forces that do not follow the Yemeni army and are under the order of the Ministry of Defense that it represents in Taiz, the axis, because Taiz is without Mocha. It is considered literally besieged and has no importance, and it will be written on those in it that clinical death will be given if they give up Mocha and Bab al-Mandab, which is their right and the right of the Republic of Yemen.

Likewise, the people of Hodeidah must demand the imposition of the prestige of the state in Al-Khoukha and all the liberated areas and the expulsion of the unknown forces. After the handover of Al-Durayhimi, it became imperative for the people of Hodeidah to preserve Al-Khoukha, because if it was handed over according to any scheme, the people of Hodeidah would have to search for another home for them because they will die as it will be the case The sons of Taiz were silent about the loss of Mocha and others.

What I wanted to convey through a simple citizen’s view of things is that as long as these forces did not give the people a logical and real reason to withdraw from al-Durayhimi and those areas, they are accused and doubtful, and the simple progress west of Taiz and south of Hodeidah is a cover for the major withdrawal catastrophe whose causes are unknown until now, and I will not Any honest Yemeni would forgive these people except by restoring what they withdrew from first and then reaching beyond Ibb and handing over all the liberated areas to the Ministry of Defense. Other than that, every movement considered among these is against the homeland and the people, and it is for the benefit of the foreign occupiers who use hands that falsely claim patriotism.

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