Important circular from the Minister of Trade and Industry regarding price hikes


The Minister of Industry and Trade in the legitimate government, Muhammad Muhammad Al-Ashwal, issued an important and urgent circular to the directors of the offices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the governorates regarding the intensification of control campaigns and field visits to the markets.

And the circular, which Al-Mashhad Al-Yamani obtained a copy of, stated:

Brothers are directors of the offices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the governorates

In view of what the wholesale and retail markets are witnessing from manipulation of prices and their unjustified rise, and in order to ensure that the Ministry performs its duties in the service aspect and consumer protection.

Accordingly, in view of the manipulation of prices and the unjustified rise that the markets are witnessing, the control campaigns are intensified, the field visits to the markets are intensified, the price manipulators and violators are arrested, and they are referred to the competent authorities urgently, and what is taken is reported to us.

This urgent circular comes after the cabinet meeting today in the temporary capital, Aden, which stood before a number of issues and files and placed them among its priorities, including the council’s recommendations to intensify the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the relevant authorities to monitor commodity prices, prevent manipulation, and coordinate with the Chamber of Commerce to ensure consumer protection.

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