In a new destination… “Houthis” are heading to invade “space”


The Houthi rebels tended to invade outer space and provide development services to the residents of the solar system, after achieving self-sufficiency for the residents of Sanaa and the governorates under their control, especially the payment of salaries, the provision of electricity, water and roads, the achievement of free education, health and entertainment, and the reduction of oil derivatives prices.
Muhammad Ali al-Houthi, a member of the so-called political council, aroused widespread ridicule, after he directed the establishment of a college of space science engineering.
During the opening of the third scientific symposium on space sciences and remote sensing, which was held at the Ministry of Communications, Al-Houthi urged “the establishment of a special college for space science engineering, and the development of educational curricula and policy in the basic stages and attention to creative students.” In light of the interruption of the salaries of state employees for years due to the insistence and intransigence of the Houthis to starve Yemenis.

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