In a new tally, the joint Yemeni forces on the western coast announce the killing of more than 150 Houthis


More than 150 Houthis have been killed since the redeployment of the joint Yemeni forces in Hodeidah, as a result of the militia’s violation of the agreement; According to Aseel Al-Saqladi, director of the media center for the Giants Brigades.

In the same context, the Center announced that 20 Houthi elements were killed and others wounded in concentrated strikes by the joint forces north of the center of the city of Hays, south of Hodeidah on the western coast.

A military source said that the artillery of the joint forces directed focused strikes on Houthi reinforcements and movements north of the center of the city of Hays, which inflicted heavy losses on the militia.

The source confirmed that the joint forces’ strikes caused dozens of Houthi deaths and injuries, in addition to destroying militia vehicles and military equipment.

During the past two days, the Houthi militia incurred heavy material and human losses, as a result of its attempts to penetrate the areas of redeployment of the joint forces in Hodeidah.

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