In an Arab country… the bride, the groom’s sister and his uncle were killed in a terrible accident


Today, Saturday, a village in the Sharkia Governorate in Egypt, held the funeral of a bride, sister of the groom and his uncle, after they were killed when their wedding car overturned in a water canal; According to the local newspaper, “Al-Shorouk”.

The newspaper stated that the bride died hours after the accident, unlike the groom’s sister and uncle, who died instantly, while the groom sustained bruises and scattered wounds, before his condition worsened and he was transferred to intensive care in the hospital.

The groom is 22 years old, his name is Wajdi Mamoun, the bride is Mona Muhammad (18 years old), the groom’s sister is 16 years old, and his uncle is (37 years old).

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