In pictures…the implementation of a heavy security deployment in Aden


Security units carried out security deployments and mobile patrols and set up a number of checkpoints to control outlaw elements and stabilize security and stability in the Khor Maksar district of the capital, Aden.

Ibrahim Al-Shaeri, commander of the Special Security Battalion “Hazm 4”, said during a speech he delivered in front of the soldiers and officers of the battalion before they set out to carry out the security mission: This responsibility and you must have military ethics, which are the values ​​of the soldier who belongs to this corps.”

He added: “When we put on this uniform and joined this corps, we were convinced that we carried our shrouds on our shoulders, ready to sacrifice the expensive and the cheap for the sake of security and stability in our capital, Aden.”

He stressed: “You have to be disciplined and implement orders to the fullest, as you bear a great responsibility that you must sense when you carry out the tasks entrusted to you. Any threat to the security and stability of the capital, Aden.

The security deployment comes in light of the government’s return to Aden, as well as the outbreak of large-scale rallies and protests in Aden, in protest against the deterioration of living conditions and the rise in currency and exchange rates.

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