In preparation for storming the city of Marib, “Houthis” accuse “Bhaibah”, “Al-Qibli”, “Al-Shaddadi” and “Al-Helisi” of being associated with supposed leaders in the “Al-Qaeda” organization.


Today, Sunday, the so-called “Security and Intelligence Agency” of the Houthi rebels accused four leaders of the Yemeni army of being associated with supposed leaders of Al-Qaeda; In an attempt to mobilize new fighters to woo new fighters in preparation for storming the city, which is crowded with hundreds of thousands of displaced people.

And the Houthi intelligence service claimed in a statement, which was briefed by the “Yemeni Scene”, and published by the “Saba” agency in its Houthi version, that Brigadier General Diab al-Qibli, commander of the 143rd Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Saleh al-Halisi, commander of the Jabal Murad Front, Major General Mufreh Bahbeh, commander of the Baihan axis, commander of the 26th Infantry Brigade, and Brigadier General Abd al-Rab Salem al-Shaddadi, the commander of one of the military brigades associated with a supposed leader in al-Qaeda named Munasir al-Faqir; In confirmation of the steadfastness of the heroes of the Yemeni army and the tribes backed by the fighters of the Arab coalition in support of legitimacy, and the crushing of the groups of the Houthi militia invading the province.

The statement claimed that the so-called Munasir al-Faqir, nicknamed “Al-Zubair Al-Muradi”, moved to the secret places of Al-Qaeda inside the city of Ma’rib in the areas of “Al-Hosoun, Joe Al-Naseem, Al-Rawdah, and Erg Al-Shabwan.” nickname “Oys”; In a miserable attempt that paves the way for the mobilization of its followers to storm the city after its failure on all fronts since its continuous escalation that began last February.

The statement stated that many IEDs were transported to southern and eastern governorates, including “Abyan and Hadramout”, which were transported by the so-called Saleh Al-Akraa, nicknamed “Mansour”, and many of them were planted and shared in several areas in Jabal Murad, including “Haid Ahmed near the Al-Daba area, Al-Washil, Al-Qana’a, Shamla, Sha’ab Al-Janah, Ma’alen, the village of Gereida, Al-Naqm, Al-Waql, near the village of Al-Asha, and separate areas in Serwah”; According to the Houthi statement.

The statement stated that the so-called Munasir al-Faqir “Al-Zubair Al-Muradi” is considered a link between Al-Qaeda and the legitimacy, and coordination between them began in secret since the Houthi militia advanced towards the Ma’rib governorate, but the coordination has now become public and with effective participation inside the Yemeni army camps affiliated with the government and on the fronts; The extent of the statement.

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