In preparation for the decisive battle, a French magazine reveals the military movements of the Houthis and the appointment of a new commander to overthrow Marib


On Thursday, the French “Intelligence Online” magazine revealed the military movements of the Houthi militias, in order to bring down the strategic Marib Governorate.

The French magazine concerned with intelligence affairs said that the Houthi coup militia is reorganizing its forces to fight the decisive and decisive battle in the Marib Governorate.

“The Houthis are still determined to seize the strategic town of Marib, and they are reorganizing their forces in preparation for a decisive battle,” she added.

According to the French magazine, the Houthi militia is changing the leaders of their battle in Marib, and has appointed “Abdullah Yahya Al-Hakim”, known as “Abu Ali Al-Hakim”, who is impersonating the head of the Intelligence and Reconnaissance Authority to lead the decisive battle.

She pointed out that the Houthi militia is counting on the spy chief, Abu Ali Al-Hakim, to ensure infiltration and penetration of the local tribal community in Ma’rib Governorate.

The magazine also confirmed that the forces loyal to the internationally recognized Yemeni government are moving quickly to redeploy the forces from Hodeidah to Marib in order to prepare a strong defense.

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