In preparation for their execution, an informed source in Sana’a reveals the scenes of the Houthi regime by confiscating the property of 56 military leaders in the Yemeni army


An informed source revealed the scenes of the Houthi militia’s trial of a number of Yemeni army leaders and legitimate government officials, and the confiscation of their money and property.

Lawyer Abdel Baset Ghazi, lawyer for the wife of Saleh Amer Maawadah, one of the leaders who was sentenced by the militias to confiscate her money, said that the militias did not subject the leaders (56 of them) to a transparent trial, and no lawyer was appointed for them for the judicial pleading, as is known in all judicial procedures.

Ghazi pointed out that the Houthi militias were included among those sentenced to confiscation of their money, and the money of their children, in clear violation of all judicial norms.

He pointed out that the Houthi ruling comes as a prelude to the death sentence, including leaders who did not appear in the media or participate in military operations, including the husband of his client, “Saleh Amer” and former Minister of Interior Abdo al-Turb.

The following is the text of Lawyer Ghazi’s comment on the Houthi decision:

In preparation for the death sentence and the confiscation of their property, they and their children … the Governor of Marib, Major General Sultan Al-Arada, the former Minister of Interior, Major General Abdo Hussein al-Turb, the son of President Abd Rabbo Hadi, Abd al-Rab al-Shaddadi and his children, Saleh Amer Moawadeh and his six children. Some of them were previously sentenced by the Criminal Court. He died.. and after the indictment was issued against them by the Military Prosecution and charges were attributed to them for treason, facilitating the entry of hostile forces into the territory of the Republic, and impersonation…etc.. and at the request of the Public Prosecution….

The Central Military Court in Sana’a decided to precautionary seizure of all property and funds of the aforementioned persons inside and outside the territory of the Republic of Yemen, 56 of whom were accused of treason and joining the ranks of the aggression, and they are:

1- Major General – Al-Dhahiri Ahmed Nasser Al-Shaddadi

2- Major General – Royce Abdullah Ali Majour

3- Major General – Abdullah Ali Aliwa

4- Major General – Ahmed Muhammad Abdullah Al-Wali

5- Major General – Muhammad Ali Mohsen Muqassa

6- Major General – Rashid Nasser Ali Al-Jundi

7- Major General – Ali Hassan Al-Ahmadi

8- Major General – Abdo Hussein Al-Turb

9 – Brigadier General Amin Abdullah Al-Waeli

10- Brigadier-General Ali Mohsen Qassem Aqeel

11 – Brigadier General – Saleh Ahmed Massad Al-Maqdashi

12 – Brigadier General – Jazem Saleh Ahmed Al-Haddi

13- Brigadier-General Abdel Hamid Al-Suswah

14 – Brigadier General – Muhammad Ali Naji Abu Lahoum

15- Brigadier-General Abdulaziz Qaid Al-Shamiri

16 – Brigadier General – Hussein Zaid Ali Khairan

17 – Brigadier General – Abd al-Rub Qasim Ahmad al-Shaddadi

18 – Brigadier General – Saleh Amer Ali Moawadeh

19 – Brigadier General – Ahmed Hussein Hussein Mobhit

20- Brigadier-General Ali Muhammad Nasser Al-Hauri

21 – Brigadier General Qaid Ali Al-Shater

22 – Brigadier General Sultan Ali Mabkhout Al-Arada

23 – Brigadier General – Ali Muhammad Ali al-Qawsi

24- Brigadier General – Saif Abd al-Rab Qasim al-Shaddadi

25 – Colonel – Ahmed Naji Firas Al-Talou’

26- Colonel- Assem Saleh Amer Moawadeh

27 – Colonel – Hussein Massad Ahmed Al-Halisi

28 – Colonel – Abdo Ahmed Abdo Al-Nazili

29 – Colonel – Ahmed Ali Nasser Al-Murahabi

30 – Colonel – Muhammad Naji Ali Al-Ghader

31- Colonel- Muhammad Saleh Amer Moawadeh

32 – Colonel – Muhammad Muhammad Salih al-Ahmar

33 – Colonel – Muhammad Abdullah Al-Faqih

34 – Colonel – Khaled Saleh Al-Aqra’

35 – Colonel – Abdul Rahman Al-Saar

36- Colonel-Saleh Muhammad Al-Tamira

37 – Colonel – Mohsen Rajeh Yahya Abu Lahoum

38 – Lt. Colonel – Fawaz Muhammad Hizam Al-Dabry

39 – Lieutenant-Colonel – Saddam Naji Al-Zalimi

40- Lt. Col. Amer Saleh Amer Moawadeh

41 – Lieutenant-Colonel – Ali Abdullah Ahsan Al-Far

42- Major – Nasser Abd al-Rab Qasim al-Shaddadi

43- Major – Mahfouz Saleh Hussain Al-Murahabi

44- Major – Khaled Saleh Amer Moawadeh

45 – Captain – Oqba Saleh Amer Moawadeh

46 – Captain – Ali Saleh Amer Moawadeh

47 – Captain – Qutaiba Saleh Amer Moawadeh

48 – Captain – Yasser Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi

49- Lieutenant- Muhammad Mujahid Ghashim

50 – Lieutenant – Abd al-Ilah Hussein al-Maqdashi

51 – Lieutenant – Ahmed Muhammad Ali Al-Maqdashi

52 – Lieutenant – Akram Abdel Hamid Al-Suswah

53 – Lieutenant – Tariq Hussein Hussein

54- Lieutenant- Hisham Muhammad Ali al-Maqdashi

55 – Lieutenant – Muhammad Muhammad Ali al-Maqdashi

56 – Lieutenant – Walid Muhammad Musleh Aida

The court confirmed that it assigned the Military Prosecution to implement the decision of precautionary seizure of the money and property of the accused and to address the concerned authorities.


A trial in which the detainees are not represented..nor are they legally represented..and some of them have died and some of them have already been sentenced from the criminal penalty..but the military prosecution was not satisfied with referring the military leaders only, and thanks to it, it increased in dissolving the money of their children…the likes of Al-Shadadi and Saleh Amer It is compensated… and it was not lacking except that the children of their children add line after line and belly after belly until the Day of Resurrection…

We were previously appointed by one of the wives of Saleh Amer Moawadeh before the Criminal Court, and the judge issued an order to enable her to live in one of her husband’s homes with her seriously ill child…

However, the followers of the judicial guard frightened her and threatened her because she had filed a complaint against them before the eminent Judge Mujahid Al-Amdi, the head of the court… and he won over her wrongdoing..

What prompted them to seize Saleh Amer’s money and property is that they valued and estimated his property, lands and villas at 22 billion and 900,000 million riyals.. His wife used to say to Judge Mujahid… Behind all my husband’s money, they did not let me live or lend me even a building to live in and spend on myself and my daughter and treat it…

Some of those detained did not declare any opinion, news, or analysis in support of (the aggression)… and they did not appear on TV screens… or on the battle fronts… including Major General Abdo Hussein al-Turb and the husband of our client, Saleh Moawadeh…

A trial in which lawyers loyal to the supporters are set up… is tainted by doubts about a fair trial…

We hope that the aforementioned will enjoy a court characterized by arrogance, or part of it, and it is safe that its sessions be public, like the trials that were conducted before the criminal court, and in which all guarantees should be provided for the accused that guarantee their rights..and take care of their interests..not the other way around…

And when the verdicts are issued..every lawyer has the right to seize those against whom the verdicts were issued by appealing on appeal…

victory for Yemen.

Freedom for the detainees…

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