In the capital, Sanaa, and its suburbs, the Houthis impose a new tax on taxis, to be paid monthly


The Houthi militia has imposed a new tax on taxis to be paid monthly in the capital, Sana’a, and its suburbs, which will add a new burden on taxi owners and citizens who use these cars for transportation.

A number of taxi owners told “The Yemeni Scene” that the Houthis imposed new fees on taxis in the capital, Sana’a and its suburbs, at 6,000 riyals per month, to be supplied with bonds bearing the stamp of the Houthi Ministry of Finance.

The sources added that these new fees are added to other fees paid annually in addition to daily fees that are carried out through Houthi points, which receive an amount of 100 riyals on each load in a clear looting process from the Houthis to steal the effort and work of citizens who are now living below the poverty line.

The sources confirmed that these fees caused the inability of the majority of taxi owners to obtain their necessary power, which prompted them to work around the clock, while in the past they were satisfied with working only for one period, morning or evening.

The sources explained that the majority of taxi drivers are now sleeping on their cars, so that they may find a passenger at any time, and that they take bread with them in order to eat and sleep on their car because they are unable to eat in restaurants or sleep in exchange for money.

The Houthi militia raised the prices of oil derivatives, which exceed 12,000 riyals for gas, oil and diesel by 20 kilo-liters, after the militia raised four times what was sold under the shadow of the legitimate government.

According to a number of citizens, the transportation fee from the capital to the neighboring governorates witnessed a slight increase in prices after this new Houthi tax.

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