In the meantime, fierce battles and dozens of Houthis were killed and wounded to extract the body of a clan leader in Marib


Military and field sources confirmed that fierce military battles erupted between the forces of the National Army on the one hand, and the terrorist Houthi militia, on the other hand, in the Marib Governorate.
The sources said that the National Army forces, backed by the popular resistance, are engaged in violent military battles against the Houthi terrorist militia on the Al-Kasara front, west of Ma’rib.
The sources said that the Houthi militia had sent dozens of its gunmen to retrieve the body of a Houthi leader named “Yasser al-Dailami”, west of the al-Kasara front.
The sources confirmed that a number of Houthi militia members were killed or wounded, in order to extract the body of Al-Salali Al-Hashemi.
The sources pointed out that al-Dailami was killed, during violent military confrontations in al-Kasara, on Thursday evening.

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