In the names…the Houthi militia is prosecuting 31 Yemeni citizens, and this is their accusation


Judicial sources in Sanaa confirmed that the Houthi coup militia began yesterday, Tuesday, to try 31 Yemeni citizens on charges of collaborating with the Arab coalition that supports legitimacy in Yemen.

The sources stated that the Houthis’ criminal court in Sana’a accused 31 Yemeni citizens of cooperating with the Arab coalition countries led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and their allegations of communicating with them by uploading coordinates and information on sites in the governorates of Saada and Ma’rib.

According to the sources, the militias accused them of raising the coordinates of the house of Al-Sarea, “Saleh Al-Samad,” the head of the so-called Political Council of the Militias, who was killed in a march raid in Hodeidah three years ago.

Last month, the Houthi militia executed nine people, including a minor, on charges of espionage and cooperation to assassinate their dead man, “Saleh Al-Samad”, after a sham trial that sparked a wide wave of local and international criticism.

The controversial court announced the names of the new defendants, including the nine first names, as fugitives from justice, according to a statement issued by the Houthi militia.

The following are the names of the militias who announced their trial:

1 – Ali Ali Issa Al-Aizari
2 – Adnan Ahmed Al-Aizari
3 – Badr Muhammad al-Qatwi
4 – Zaid Mohamed Salah Al-Shtawi
5 – Faisal Sadiq Murshid
6 – Mohammed Hussein Abdullah Al-Azab
7 – Sadiq Saleh Al Muharraq
8 – Saleh Ahmed Saghir Al-Qatwi
9 – Abdul Ghani Ali Al-Aizari
10 – Muhammad Yahya al-Maliki
11 – Mohamed Hassan Hilal
12 – Salem Ahmed Rashid
13 – Abdul Razzaq Ali Al Muharraq
14 – Ahmed Hassan Ahmed Al-Qabouri
15 – Aslam Matar Qaddan
16 – Muhammad Husayn Al-Ghawi
17 – Muhammad Naji Al-Ghawi
18 – Khaled Rashid Al-Sadiq
19 – Misfer Hammoud Hilal
20 – Saad Yahya Al-Suwaidi
21 – Walid Yahya Al-Ayjri
22 – Adel Ahmed Jaber Qarawan
23 – Abdel Khaleq Hamoud Siraj
24 – Al-Zubair Muhammad Al-Ghawi
25 – Abdul Razzaq Ahmed Al-Ghawi
26 – Abdullah Yahya Al-Eizari
27 – Muhammad Ahmad Ali Al-Aizari
28 – Abdel Hamid Ahmed Misfer Manna
29 – Tariq Yahya, publisher of Al-Hashidi
30 – Faris Sawadi Al-Razhi
31 – Abdul Ghani Saleh Annan

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