In the predominance of temperament and the power of (habit)!


The accumulation of experience in the subconscious or subconscious mind with time and repetition turns into a controlling force that controls the direction of some of our behaviors without resistance, (consciousness) or awareness from us.

From a lot I’ve read on this topic, I’ll try to say a few to simplify it from personal experience.

In my country I used to drive different types of cars for most of my years, in the worst roads, the toughest mountains, and the worst weather conditions, but I have not had any luck here in the diaspora to pass the driving test more than once, and this is in a country that has one of the best roads and driving and driving systems in the world. the scientist,

In the three times I decided to take the test again, there will be separate periods between them, and there will be many changes that have been made to the driving laws, so my failure in the exam will be inevitable.

Since I am not aware that I did not understand the new (instructions), I go to the exam with the information and the first training lessons that have been implanted in my mind.

In most of the exams that I took in my academic and practical exams, even the most difficult ones, it was not difficult at all, rather I excelled in most of them, but the exams I took for driving a car in Britain were something different, everything still seemed to be going well throughout the testing stages. To the end, but at (the end) the exam supervisor tells me “You are in terms of your ability to drive a good driver, but you did not succeed in meeting the requirements of the test”.

Fortunately they always tell you why, and the mysterious reason in my case was the so-called “bad habits” that result from a person continuing to use the car for decades without following the correct instructions to understand its components and check them before use and ensure the safety and readiness It’s all for use let alone usable, and the reason was the last time I forgot to adjust the car side mirror as it should.

At every certain stage of life, it is difficult for a person to get rid of the strength of his bad habits of using the car according to the strict driving laws in the West and other advanced countries, especially if he is of that type of person or mental profession who deals with one thing while they are busy thinking about something else.

Overcoming this (challenge) is not difficult despite the accuracy and change of test rules, but the problem always lies in me (at least) in the tyranny of temperament and its inability to imitate, with evidence that my family members who were not (used) to drive a car in Yemen, passed their exams here more easily than their peers who have had previous experiences.

Perhaps I wasn’t serious enough, especially in a city like London where there is no (maximum) need to own and drive a car, as public transport stations are not more than tens of meters from most homes, and the costs of car fuel and parking fees equal a family budget, if not There are other fines for some violations.

But obtaining a driver’s license is important for young women and men when applying for some professions, even if there is no need to drive a car, the license in the end is an advantage and an acquired skill.

Of course, I am not talking here about (driving) as if it were a complex technology, but rather I am referring to something else about which the Arabs said: “Natural nature has prevailed” and “every person from his life is not accustomed” and how a person often becomes captive to his habits, especially if he does not strive to change them if was negative or bad.

One of my negative habits, for example, as every human being whose life is not free of such habits is that after the boom of smart phones, I cannot sleep away from my mobile despite the strict warnings of the bad effects of this, nor get up from my bed before eating it and browsing the messages before waking up, seeing the weather and most importantly The headlines of major newspapers.

Also, one of my worst (beautiful) habits is that I cannot sip my coffee with pleasure, nor taste it with ecstasy, except with my cup, which I do not use or anyone else uses, as if it is a special toothbrush or a razor that no two use.

One of my habits that contradicts the idea of ​​(getting used to) is that I do not like to go back to my house, for example, from the same way I took to go, if there is another way back.

The strength of a habit is sometimes not a bad thing, but it is mostly an unpleasant thing. It does not mean that a person is loyal to his things, his relationships, and his experience with what is around him. Rather, in most cases, it is a “restriction” that limits the ability to start, experiment and research, and prevents one from adapting to emergency matters of life and enjoying life. With the multiplicity of ideas, visions and images, and the different colors of the spectrum in everything.

I do not forget at the end of this article that I forgot the details of a clever Yemeni joke describing the strength of a habit as (an unpleasant habit), but I remember another old wisdom that says, “It is a good habit for a person to not have a habit”!

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