In the video, a car bomb exploded in the convoy of the governor of Aden “Lams” and a number of ministers, killing and wounding


The governor of Aden and a number of government ministers survived the explosion of a car bomb targeting their convoy at the Hajif intersection between Al-Tawahi and Al-Mualla districts.

Local sources confirmed the survival of the governor of the capital, Aden Ahmed Ahmed Lamlas, and the ministers of agriculture and fisheries, while a number of his bodyguards were killed and wounded, along with other civilians.

Reuters news agency, citing its sources, said that the governor of Aden and the minister of agriculture in the government survived the assassination after their convoy was targeted with a car bomb in the Al-Tawahi neighborhood, confirming the deaths of both soldiers and civilians.

A video clip showed the first moments after the explosion and smoke rising from the place, as ambulances rushed to the site of the explosion at the “Hajif Al-Mualla” point after targeting the convoy, while official sources did not reveal the size of the casualties so far.

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