In the video.. the first death in the revolution of the hungry, the tearing of pictures of President Hadi, and demands to overthrow the government


A citizen was killed and another wounded, as a result of shooting at protesters in Taiz governorate, this morning, Monday.

Local sources said that angry protesters blocked a number of streets and burned tires, in protest against the deteriorating living and economic situation and the rise in currency exchange rates.

A video clip captured the moment when armed men shot the protesters, who demanded an improvement in the living situation, and who called the protests the revolution of the hungry.

The sources confirmed that a citizen was killed by gunmen shooting at him, and another wounded, while some sources say that the number of victims exceeded two.

The protesters toppled the picture of President Hadi in the middle of Jamal Street, and demanded the overthrow of the government of Maeen Abdul-Malik, in protest against the deteriorating conditions and the collapse of the currency.

A number of governorates are witnessing popular protests in rejection of the collapsed economic situation, as protesters are calling for an end to the insane rise in currency exchange rates, salary disbursement and an end to the collapse of living standards.

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