In the video.. The former imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca “Adel Al-Kalbani” appears in a promotional advertisement for the Riyadh season.. Watch what he did?


The former imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Adel Al-Kalbani, sparked a wave of controversy, after his participation in a promotional advertisement within the activities of the Riyadh season 2021.

Al-Kalbani commented in a tweet on his page on the social networking site “Twitter” on the promotional video posted by Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, saying: “Do you think I can go to Hollywood?”

In turn, Turki Al-Sheikh responded to Al-Kalbani with a tweet in which he said: “Frankly, I am on my own, according to your account, dear, in anything ahead.”

The official account, for the Riyadh season, published the video clip promoting the “Combat Field” event, commenting on it: “He whose heart is strong, and he does not say no to any challenge… Combat Field is your place… and the excitement in every event is in front of you… Be ready… and book your ticket.”

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