In the video, the French President is subjected to a new insult by throwing eggs in the head after slapping a citizen


French President Emmanuel Macron was pelted with eggs by an angry man, who raised the slogan Long Live the Revolution.

This came during the French President’s touring the Catering and Hotel Salon, which is being held in Lyon, southeast of France.

And the security services present at the place arrested the young man, before Emmanuel Macron asked his escorts to speak with the man to understand his motives.

This is not the first time that the French president has been the target of an egg throwing event. In 2017, Macron was targeted with an egg that hit his head, when he was visiting an agricultural fair.

Video clips published by French bloggers and media at the time showed Macron throwing eggs (one of which fell on his head) during a visit to the agricultural fair in Paris, amidst a security belt and boos, and Marcon described the incident at the time as hardly more than folklore.

The current French president was also slapped a few months ago by a citizen during an internal tour in the French La Drome region, and the security forces arrested the perpetrator immediately after the incident.

When the French president approached a group of citizens who were waiting for him, he grabbed one hand and slapped Macron with his other hand.

And the French judiciary sentenced the owner of the most famous slap in the world to 18 months in prison, four of which are valid.

After leaving the prison walls, Damien confirmed that his movement was very spontaneous and that he never regretted it.

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