In the video.. The people of Bani Al-Harith are rushing to a girls’ school after the Zainabiyat attack on it and the kidnapping of the principal


A number of parents in the Bani Al-Harith district, north of the capital, Sanaa, rushed to a girls’ school in the area after a group of Houthi women’s police attacked the school and the teachers, and arrested the principal.

Today, Wednesday, the “Yemeni Scene” was shown a video clip, in which a sheikh of Bani Al-Harith, a group of parents and a large number of parents of female students appear, demanding the Public Prosecution to arrest the Houthi women’s police, “Al-Zainabiyat”, who carried out an attack with daggers and batons on the Al-Izdihar School and the assault The female teachers in the school had to take off their headscarves, assault some students, and the school director, Ms. Najieh Kaish, was arrested and transferred from the school in the Bani Al-Harith area to an unknown location.

Local sources said that the Houthi women’s police assault came after one of the influential Houthi leaders accused the school director and teachers of not condoning his failed daughter after her sister’s feet to choose instead of her and prevent this from happening.

The sources added that the Houthi leader surrounded the school, besieged it, opened fire in the school yard, terrorized the students, and assaulted female teachers and the school directorate, under the pretext of preventing his daughter from impersonating her sister and being tested in her place, and even expelling her from the school.

The Houthi militia practices all kinds of cheating by force until the test results are forged in favor of the clan, who became the first students through corruption in education in the militia’s control areas.

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