In which pens compete .. “Yemeni wisdom” is the birth of a new Yemeni journalist


The “Yemeni wisdom” website was launched this Thursday evening, as a newborn Yemeni journalist, who seeks to contribute to filling a gap in the intellectual space, through treatments and careful digging of many issues and ideas, in a balanced way, seeking the truth, and raising the value of the methodology in dealing with various issues ; According to a report.

The communiqué received by “The Yemeni Scene” stated that “Yemeni Wisdom” is an intellectual site, concerned with developing awareness and revolutionizing ideas, by crystallizing an intellectual discourse that helps in reforming the cultural mind and raising its awareness, and treating cultural phenomena in a critical spirit that adheres to the constants and develops from its realistic download tools. Benefiting from global knowledge.

He pointed out that a Yemeni wisdom is a platform where Yemeni pens compete to translate that wisdom referred to by the Prophet Muhammad by saying: (Yemeni wisdom).

He expressed his hope that his launch would be an intellectual revolution that would help break out of the bondage of imitation and cognitive calcification into the space of renewal, and a knowledge movement that envisages the building of values ​​and ethics. It also seeks to be one of the most important Yemeni sites in the intellectual arena.

To follow the website, follow the link below:

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