Including getting rid of the revolution..a prominent Houthi leader reveals three dangerous conspiracies carried out by the Houthis in Yemen


A prominent Houthi leader revealed three dangerous plots carried out by the Houthi rebels in Yemen, targeting the Yemeni people.

The former head of the Houthi Political Council, Saleh Habra, said, in an article he published on his Facebook page, that he was briefed by the “Yemeni Scene”, that the Yemeni people are living through the most difficult and worst stages of their lives, so they cannot achieve building a state in which they enjoy, and there is no peace in wars; As a result of being exposed to the worst kinds of conspiracies, a conspiracy from within.

He stressed that these conspiracies are being implemented by getting rid of all the outcomes of the (September 26th Revolution) and the thought it produced that is different from the principle of individual governance by getting rid of the revolution’s generation itself, which is done through their market to the fronts in an open war that adopts the enmity of all, and does not believe coexist with someone; In the eyes of our companions, everyone is between an accused and a conspirator, as well as drying up the sources of coexistence and advocates of the (civil state) by disappearing his campaign in one way or another; The likes of Dr. Ahmed Sharaf Al-Din, Al-Mutawakel, Al-Khaiwani, Al-Mahturi, Jadban, Hassan Zaid, and Al-Samad.

He pointed out that everything that the revolution accomplished and achieved in terms of change for the generation during the fifty years is being distorted by bulldozing and destroying everything that the revolution produced, including headquarters, facilities, roads, trees, hospitals, and wow, either by detonating them or by neglecting them, in a systematic process of destruction; In order to achieve the obliteration of all aspects of the revolution and the republic, as the previous regime dealt with the spinning and weaving factory, as well as neglecting formal education; Under the pretext of salaries and an attempt to eliminate it completely, but gradually, in order to prepare the situation to find a new separation stage, after which the curricula are changed with religious curricula and doctrinal ideas representing the upcoming formal education. With his moderate theories and balanced jurisprudence, and judging that the intellectual and cultural heritage produced by the leaders and symbols of the Zaydi sect over hundreds of years as false cultures that prevented the work of the Qur’an, which prompted many of our followers to burn their libraries, and eliminate the symbolism of everything that was in the era of the revolution, including descriptions Functionality, either by disabling the role of the person who has it. The minister, the director, the governor, and Dr. Wu are presented to the public losing any societal value or authority, in exchange for a supervisor who has full powers or by granting the highest rank to those who do not know the meaning of that rank; What made it lose its symbolism and meaning in a precise, systematic process, and also the flattening and domestication of community awareness, through the flattening of the media, where we have more than fifteen satellite channels that produce only zombies, the agent of praise.

He continued: And on this the rest of the matters hatched. The people tried to get rid of the clutches of the advocates of the caliphate, and it fell into the grip of the advocates of state!!

Recently, Habra began leading a broad political movement within the ranks of the Houthis, who are dependent on Iran.

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