Including Hadi’s son..Houthi militia confiscates money and property of 56 military leaders and takes a step regarding “Al-Arada”


The Houthi militia announced the confiscation of funds and property of more than 50 soldiers in the Yemeni army, including the son of President Hadi and the governor of Marib, Major General Al-Aradah, and prominent leaders.

The Saba news agency, which is under the control of the Houthi militia, said that the Central Military Court, which is affiliated with it, had seized all the property and funds of about 56 soldiers accused of “treason” as a result of their joining the coalition and facilitating the entry of hostile forces into the country, as it put it.

The Houthi agency added that the defendants also impersonated military characteristics and other charges against them in the indictment, while the court assigned its military prosecution to implement the decision to precautionary seizure of the defendants’ money and property and to address the concerned authorities.

The Houthi decision came days after the imposition of US and UN sanctions on the militia’s judicial guard, Saleh al-Shaer, who was involved in confiscating the assets of politicians and military personnel of the internationally recognized government.

Earlier, a document obtained by Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni showed, List of more than 460 officers and politicians Among its opponents, parliamentarians, government officials, and charities, the militias seek to confiscate their property and homes, after obtaining judicial rulings regarding them from courts under their control.

The following are the names of the soldiers whose money the militias announced the confiscation of:

– Major General Al Dhaheri Al Shadadi

– Major General Royce Ali Majour

– Major General Abdullah Ali Aliwa

– Major General Ahmed Mohamed Al-Wali

– Major General Muhammad Ali Muqsaa

– Major General Rashid Nasser Ali Al-Jundi

Major General Ali Hassan Al Ahmadi

– Major General Abdo Hussein Al-Turb

Brigadier General Amin Abdullah Al-Waeli

– Brigadier General Ali Mohsen Aqeel

– Brigadier General Saleh Ahmed Al-Maqdashi

– Brigadier General Jazem Saleh Al-Haddi

– Brigadier General Abdel Hamid Al-Suswah

Brigadier General Muhammad Ali Abu Lahoum

– Brigadier General Abdulaziz Qaid Al-Shamiri

– Brigadier General Hussein Zaid Khairan

– Brigadier General Abd al-Rub Qasim al-Shaddadi

– Brigadier General Saleh Amer Moawadeh

– Brigadier General Ahmed Hussein Mobhit

– Brigadier General Ali Muhammad Al-Hauri

– Brigadier General Fayed Ali Al-Shater

– Brigadier General Sultan Ali Al-Arada

– Brigadier General Ali Muhammad al-Qawsi

– Brigadier General Saif Abd al-Rab al-Shaddadi

Colonel Ahmed Naji Al-Talou’

Colonel Assem Saleh Moawadeh

Colonel Hussein Massad Al-Halisi

Colonel Abdo Ahmed Al-Nazili

Colonel Ahmed Ali Al-Murahabi

Colonel Muhammad Naji Al-Ghadir

Colonel Muhammad Saleh Moawadeh

Colonel Muhammad Muhammad al-Ahmar

Colonel Muhammad Abdullah Al-Faqih

Colonel Khaled Saleh Al-Aqra’

Colonel Abdul Rahman Al-Saar

Colonel Saleh Muhammad Al-Tamira

Colonel Mohsen Rajeh Abu Lahoum

– Lieutenant-Colonel Fawaz Muhammad Al-Dhabri

– Lieutenant-Colonel Saddam Naji Al-Zalimi

– Lt. Colonel Amer Saleh Moawad

– Lieutenant-Colonel Ali Abdullah Al-Far

-Major Nasir Abd al-Rab al-Shaddadi

-Major Mahfouz Saleh Al-Murabi

Major Khaled Saleh Moawadeh

-Captain Oqba Saleh Moawad

-Captain Ali Saleh Moawad

-Captain Qutaiba Saleh Moawad

-Captain Yasser Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi

Lieutenant Muhammad Mujahid Ghashim

Lieutenant Abdulelah Hussein Al-Maqdashi

Lieutenant Ahmad Muhammad al-Maqdashi

– Lieutenant Akram Abdel Hamid Al-Suswah

Lieutenant Tariq Hussein Khairan

Lieutenant Hisham Muhammad al-Maqdashi

Lieutenant Muhammad Muhammad al-Maqdashi

Lieutenant Walid Muhammad Aida

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