Including hugging a partner.. Find out the best time for a perfect hug and its health and emotional benefits


A new study conducted by scientists from Goldsmiths University in the British capital, London, confirmed that the perfect hug lasts from five to ten seconds; According to what was reported by the media.

The study was conducted on 48 volunteers, and the researchers wanted to know what factors are involved in the process of hugging and how they affect a person’s psychological state.

Contact duration, hand position, emotional closeness, gender and human behavior were taken into account. The results were published in the scientific journal Acta Psychologica.

The participants in the experiment were blindfolded, then hugged the same person several times in succession in different ways, for example, they held their arms differently or changed their position with the partner, then described their feelings.

As a result, the study authors concluded that the most enjoyable thing for an individual is a hug that lasts from five to ten seconds.

The study confirmed that special care should be taken against very short hugs, as both the results of the study and the subjective answers received indicate that short hugs raise doubts about the sincerity of feelings of love.

And earlier, the “medicinenet” website confirmed that hugs have a great role in fighting physical pain, calming stress and anxiety, improving blood circulation, strengthening the body’s immunity, increasing the sense of security and resisting loneliness, and hugging increases feelings of happiness and improves the personal relationship with the partner.

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