Including registering the names of those who do not pray.. the Taliban announces a new list of prohibitions in Afghanistan


The Taliban issued a new statement regarding the rules of conduct, which it seeks to circulate to citizens, in Kapisa province, northeast of the Afghan capital, Kabul.

The list of new rules of conduct is as follows:

1 . Women are not allowed to do “American” and “French” hairstyles, and men are not allowed to shave.

2. A head covering must be worn while performing the prayer.

3. It is forbidden for a woman to be outside the house without a veil, and in case of violation, her legal guardian (father, brother or mother) will be held accountable.

4. It is forbidden for women to have a phone with a camera.

5. It is not permissible to allow a woman who does not wear the veil, to ride in a car.

6. Women are prohibited from visiting without a headscarf.

7 . The imams of mosques are required to separately explain to the residents the provisions of the Qur’an and Sunnah regarding hijab and jihad

8 . It is forbidden to store obscene materials on phones.

9. The imam must register those who do not perform the prayer.

10 . It is forbidden to give gifts on the occasion of wedding, New Year and Eid al-Adha.

11. Shooting is prohibited at weddings.

12. In wedding ceremonies, only rice, qormeh and bread may be served.

13. It is not permissible to celebrate a wedding after the end of its ceremonies.

14. The groom may buy gold for the bride.

15. The value of the dowry is determined by the parents and the clergy.

It is worth noting that the Taliban yesterday banned hairstyles and shaving beards in Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan.

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