Including Yemen.. “Global Hunger Index” for the year 2021 warns of an increase in famine in 47 countries


The German anti-hunger organization Welt Hunger Hilfe intends to officially display its so-called “Global Hunger Index” for the year 2021 today, Thursday, in the capital, Berlin.
The FAO report identifies the state of hunger globally, and will indicate where progress has been made and which countries have the greatest need to act.
The German organization said, “The humanitarian situation in Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Madagascar and South Sudan is extremely tragic due to famine and malnutrition.”
The organization warned of the dangers of increasing famine in the world due to the many crises that a number of countries are witnessing, including the Corona pandemic, which greatly affected the nutritional status of people.
“We have moved far away from the path of eradicating hunger until 2030, because hunger is currently on the rise again,” FAO Secretary-General Matthias Moge told the German press network, today, Thursday.
He added that the organization’s global hunger index shows that “47 countries will not reach a low level of hunger until 2030.”
He also confirmed that about 811 million people are currently suffering from hunger around the world. And that 41 million people are on the verge of starvation.”
Matthias Muge called for political initiatives to reduce conflicts in order to face severe famines.
He said: “The Organization Against Hunger calls for political initiatives in order to reduce conflicts worldwide and to confront severe famines.” He also stressed the need for binding agreements at the upcoming United Nations climate conference in Glasgow to combat climate change.
The Secretary-General of the Organization indicated that the nutrition situation is worsening due to the large number of crises and their diversity, such as wars, conflicts, climate change and the consequences resulting from the outbreak of the new Corona virus, and he also pointed out that conflicts have increased again during the past years.
He explained that it is one of the biggest catalysts of hunger. “Where there is war, crops, fields and infrastructure are destroyed and people flee their villages,” he said.

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