Including Yemenis… Saudi Arabia announces the arrest of 16,151 violators and the deportation of 9,281 within a week


The Public Security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced that it had arrested 16,151 violators of the residency system, border security, and the work system for the period from 9/30/2021 to 10/6/2021, including 221 infiltrators (44%), Yemenis (54%) and Ethiopians (2%). Other nationalities.

He explained that (16,151) violators were arrested, including (6970) violators of the residence system, (7193) violators of the border security system, and (1988) violators of the labor system.

While the total of those who were arrested while trying to cross the border into Saudi Arabia reached (221) people (44%), of whom were Yemenis, (54%) Ethiopians, and (2%) other nationalities, and (26) people were arrested for trying to cross. Borders outside the Kingdom.

Also, (13) people involved in transporting, harboring and operating violators of the residency, work and border security regulations and covering them up were arrested. The total of those who are currently subject to the procedures for implementing the regulations reached (85,110) violators, including (76181) men, (8929) women, (69795) were referred to their diplomatic missions to obtain travel documents, (2,910) to complete their travel reservations, and (9281) deported. Contrary.

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