Instead of “Al-Himi” .. the Houthi government imposes eating “red pepper” on all Yemenis


The government of the Houthi rebels imposed red pepper on all Yemenis, forcing them to deal coldly and indifferently with the living conditions they are experiencing, due to the interruption of salaries for more than five years and the rise in food prices.

Observers told “The Yemeni Scene” that the weakness of about a million employees in the capital, Sana’a and the governorates under the control of the militia, in addition to millions of citizens and their silence over the bad humanitarian conditions, is due to the Houthi government’s imposition on everyone to eat “bass or red pepper”, cold, after That they were consuming hot spices, which stirs their pride and courage, and stimulates the hormone of demanding rights in return for performing duties.

They pointed out that this type of pasture, was imported specifically to Yemenis by the militia government immediately after its coup seven years ago, and was distributed and cultivated in fertile lands, which contributed to not stirring up feelings of resentment against the Houthi militia’s control and looting of all their rights.

Farmers in the Tihama plains in the Hodeidah governorate continue to grow one of the most common crops, which is basbas or red pepper, which is one of the crops that make up the fertile lands of the western coast.

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