Inventing a phone for “dogs” to communicate with their absent owners


A researcher in Scotland has created a special type of phone that dogs can use to communicate with their owners, in order to relieve the pain of loneliness that many of these pets feel.

And Agence France-Presse quoted the researcher as saying that dogs isolated from their absent owners may soon be able to communicate with them using a new device invented by a researcher in the field of animal technology in Scotland.

Researcher Herskie Douglas, from the University of Glasgow in Scotland, called her new phone “Doug Phone”, and it works when the pet shakes a ball equipped with an accelerometer, which triggers a laptop connected to the device to make a video call to the dog’s owner’s device.

Douglas created this phone, with the help of a Labrador dog named Zach, and after Douglas showed the dog how to make a phone call using a ball, he was given the device to play with for 16 days.

Despite making some accidental calls, Zach used the device to call Douglas and also showed off his games during the call.

For her part, Douglas responded to the dogs by showing him pets in her office as well as showing him a restaurant and a bus on the street, bringing Zack closer to the screen.

“Of course, we cannot be certain that the dog was aware of the causal relationship between picking up the ball and making the call, or even whether some of the interactions it showed were intentional on its part,” the researcher said. He showed some of the same behaviors he did when we were with him face to face.”

And the creator of Doug Von, who is undergoing further tests, hopes that the device will contribute to alleviating the feelings of sadness caused by the separation of dogs from their owners, due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, after those pets became accustomed to constant human contact.

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