Is polygamy beyond the power of women?!


Natural jealousy in wives is an innate matter, and there is no problem with it or blamed for it, but the problem is in maximizing jealousy until it reaches the point of objecting to God’s judgment or making it manifest in the language of the case as if it were an injustice to the woman and a test for her with what she could not, so is polygamy? Will there be a corruption or benefit if polygamy is prohibited by law, as in Western countries that allow polygamy instead of polygamy? Does a Muslim wife accept that she shares in her husband a concubine instead of a wife?

I do not think, from the outset, that polygamy is a type of luxury that God ordained for no benefit, and not a trial that exceeds the ability of women to bear; Because God does not legislate something that is not capable of it, does not afflict people with what they cannot bear, does not burden them with what they are unable to do, does not accept that He burdens them beyond their ability, and does not ask them to fear Him except according to their ability!

And because He knows best who He created and what He legislated; Women can control jealousy so that feelings of uncontrollable emotions remain to the point of destruction, as well as openly rejecting the legal principle. This can be achieved by arming themselves with patience and invoking the spirit of devotion to God and remembering the reward of success in affliction.

What confirms the possibility of this being achieved is that the second wife accepts the participation of another woman in a man even though she is a woman like her, so why can the second wife tolerate that participation and not the first? Does this not indicate the resurrection of the spirit of ownership? Is this not related to the dominant culture, which focuses on blaming the former, if it is accepted, and considers it as deficient in dignity?

It is worth mentioning at this point that I had mediated to reconcile the relationship, and when I tried to convince some women of the futility of resistance to their husbands who have justifications for marriage and the efficiency of combining the two and who are bound by the requirements of justice; After a deep discussion, I discovered that these women are more afraid of the reaction of the culture of society, which can be described as the herd culture in this context, more than the feelings of jealousy!

There is another and stronger proof than the foregoing on the possibility of coexistence of one wife with another or more, which is that Muslim women in West African countries, as some scholars have told me, do not object to polygamy and view it as a natural matter, as part of a society’s culture that does not view polygamy with apprehension and sensitivity found in Other countries, but you see it as a normal matter, but prefer it in many cases, especially for scholars and people of positions and dignitaries!

A Senegalese scholar told me that his wife, after assuming a senior religious position in the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, urged him to marry a second wife, and even engaged to that woman, and they became two sisters without harm. When I asked him about the possibility that his wife would be an exception in this regard; He emphasized that this is the prevailing character in families, not only in Senegal, but in all of West Africa!

So where is the problem that stems from the first woman’s violent reactions to the marriage of the second?

It is clear that it lies in the culture of societies that reject polygamy. It is primarily responsible for making the wife, not the woman, take a position against polygamy. We have seen that the difference in the culture of West Africa has made it easy, and in the areas of tribal nature in which this culture still has a share, polygamy is simply done in many Arab countries, as in Darfur in Sudan and some areas in eastern and northern Yemen.

Scientific honesty requires that I mention that men are a major reason for women’s absolute rejection of polygamy. Most of those who enumerated effectively contributed to the manufacture of this feminist knot, by not doing justice between their wives or their wives and by creating bad behaviors of bad models of polygamy. On the evidence that they do not contribute to the enumeration by solving the problems of spinsterhood and covering the divorced women and widows, as was done by the companions and the good predecessors of the nation, but rather they are looking for young virgins, and then many of these are unconsciously rushing to the injustice of the first wife; In their view, she becomes the older or old wife, and not the first wife or first lover!

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