Is the large number of ants in the house evidence that his family is infected with “the evil eye and magic”? .. A preacher answers


Dr. Saad Al-Khathlan, a professor at the Faculty of Sharia at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Saudi Arabia, denied the existence of any relationship between the abundance of ants in the house and the injury of its owners by “the evil eye or magic.”

Al-Khathlan said in a video clip on his Twitter account: “Some people mention that one of the signs that the owners of the house are envious are the abundance of ants in the house in an unusual way, and this has no basis.”

He added: “These are insects that have nothing to do with the eye. These are things that some people say, and they are myths that have no basis, and these are insects that come home looking for their livelihood and have nothing to do with the eye, touch, or magic.”

Al-Khathlan continued: “Ants are a nation among the nations. This is the sent speech that some people make without evidence and proof. We should deny it and neither people accept it nor listen to it. Some people come up with such things and find those who believe in it. There is no relationship between ants and the eye.”

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