Is Yemeni aware of his plight?


I am not sure, after seven years, if the Yemenis realized that this war was not launched in order to restore the state or return fugitive leaders to power, and it was not one of its goals to raise the flag in Maran, and its planners did not realize the implementation of the outcomes of the national dialogue, and the famous resolution 2216 was not issued when it began Air campaign.

If the Yemenis are convinced of this, they must understand that what is happening is a regional proxy war, and I do not mean here that the local fighters without convictions see them as patriotic, each according to his orientations. On the contrary, the regional forces financing this war exploited their enthusiasm and confidence and used them as cheap fuel compared to a direct war between them because the Yemeni fighter Its cost is very low compared to its counterparts in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. Moreover, the blood that was shed does not bother anyone, and the destruction it has caused does not concern the world except out of pity.

This long, absurd war made the world look at us as a group of poor, sick, hungry people without an authority capable of carrying out its moral and national responsibilities. It does not talk about Yemen as a source of wealth that must be controlled, nor about capabilities that must be curbed… It is in their conscience and their thinking just a country that needs humanitarian aid, medicine and a temporary bishop. Protects the disabled from the heat of the sun and rain.

Yemen has become governed by leaders in Sana’a and Aden, and Riyadh has abandoned it in its conscience and intellect, and it no longer represents for it only a geographical space, plundering what they can and a cause from which they subsist with their families to get rich from it.

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