It is possible that Al-Houthi will win the battle of Marib..and may lose it in this case!!


The Houthis will likely win the battle in Marib. More likely to lose it. The city of Marib has been populated in recent years as if it would last a thousand years. If the Houthis cross all the mountainous lines, valleys, and deserts, they will be in direct confrontation with the city. In Sanaa, the Houthis camped at its entrances, and the Yemeni army declared, in a historic statement, “neutrality.” Then its leaders were proud of their neutrality, which spared the city from destruction. The same thing may happen in Ma’rib, as Abd al-Malik Badr al-Din appears promising his opponents amnesty, paving the way for them to go in peace. Let us remember: Even when he was in America, after the fall, Minister al-Turb used to describe al-Houthi with his best title, “Al-Sayyid.” Al-Houthi is fighting the Iranian way, and he does not hesitate for a moment to crush the cities with the weapons he has [تقول تقديرات إنه أطلق على مدينة تعز خلال ستة أعوام ما يزيد عن مائة ألف مقذوف، وأن جرحى تلك المقذوفات العمياء تجاوزوا الخمسين ألفا].

Step into the past:

Yemeni army [النسخة الجنوبية]He reached the outskirts of the city of Hodeidah after bypassing all the suburbs and countryside. His armored vehicles reached Hodeidah airport, and the vehicles approached the city’s university. The Houthis dug tunnels and trenches in the city’s streets, and the United Nations intervened and stopped the battle. The three fatal mistakes: the army stopped in Nihm, the southern forces stopped at the southern border of Taiz, and the battle of Hodeidah stopped. Whoever makes these mistakes is a “leader” who has already decided to lose the battle. During every battle Hadi was outside of it. And if Al-Houthi is still invading with “Saleh’s stockpile”, he will be victorious in the absence of Hadi. There is no point in repeating this hadith, the past has returned and Saada took control of Sana’a and Al-Dhalea over Aden. Two dark spots, two blind shells that emerged from the unknown and settled in the heart of the two most important metropolises in the contemporary history of Yemen.

Al-Bayda’s resistance almost “returned the flood”, but a sin opened the door to Hell. Al-Bayda’s resistance collapsed in the hour of its victory, and the reasons are still unknown, or guessed. That defeat opened al-Houthi’s appetite for victory, and he had not achieved a significant victory for some time. From Al-Bayda, the Houthi penetrated Shabwa, and from Shabwa to Marib. Al-Bayda was more dangerous than the Yemeni army commanders had imagined, and they were utilitarian amateurs who had learned nothing: neither from college nor from the world.

The battle is narrowing little by little, as every village that now falls under the control of the Houthi movement brings it closer to a decisive outcome. If “Al-Abdiyyah” and “Al-Jawbah” are settled, the city of Ma’rib will live in very difficult conditions. Previously, the Yemeni government responded and halted the battle of Al Hudaydah, or the arms factory/road. Al-Houthi only recognizes his project, and he will run after his project until its completion or collapse. He has ruled Saada for a long time, and he never thought of establishing a university, a school, a hospital, or even a mosque. The flower of his kingdom, and her heart, lives without medicine, no internet, completely isolated from the world, and if a woman in Saada had difficulty giving birth now, she would die two hours later. A man who does not even care about the inhabitants of his village will not care what is happening in other people’s villages. It comes from ancient books, from ancient books demons, witches, and curses come out, so in all literary fiction, and indeed.

However, it happened that small cities changed the destiny of nations, and this honor may be the share of Ma’rib.

And what is this hope: that the struggle, resistance, and confrontation will continue as easy as possible .. even with ants and pebbles, even with contempt, even by exhorting steadfastness, even by false news, even by bad songs, even by loud and immoral laughter.. with anything.

Learn from Palestine:

What the song “Ya Zarif al-Tawl” does in memory and conscience, to Palestinians all over the world, is more important than Oslo and the Fatah and Hamas movements.

Let us confront Hashemite fascism with what remains, in all that is real, deep and eternal… even if the cities have gone unheeded.

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