It simulates a real rescue mission for Emirati soldiers… the announcement of the largest “ambush” in the “Gulf” and the first in the “UAE”


The “Image Nation” art production company in the United Arab Emirates, in cooperation with the AGC Group of Studios, announced the release of the movie “Al Ambush,” which tells the true story of Emirati soldiers who were trapped by rebels.
The film “Al-Ambush” is the largest in terms of production in the Gulf region, and the first to shed light on the UAE armed forces.
Image Nation, in a tweet through its account on the social networking site “Twitter”, explained that the work was directed by the French director of the movie “Taken”, Pierre Morel, while it is scheduled to be released soon, accompanied by its announcement of the “Promo” for the film, which reflects professional techniques. And the high volume of production.
The UAE Ministry of Defense, in turn, participated on its Twitter account, the movie’s promo, as it stated in a tweet that “the events of the movie (Ambush) were inspired by a true story, the events of which took place for a group of Emirati soldiers fighting together under the siege of rebel elements.”
The movie “Ambush” tells the facts of a true story of saving a group of Emirati soldiers who were trapped in a mountain valley under the siege of rebel elements, while their leader leads a dangerous mission to rescue them.
A crew of 400 people participate in the film, and it includes, along with other artists, Emirati stars who play the starring roles, and they are Marwan Abdullah Saleh, Khalifa Al Jassim, and Muhammad Ahmed, and all of his scenes were filmed in the UAE.
The movie is scheduled to be released in theaters in the UAE and the region later this year.
The film “The Ambush” was written by both the author Brandon Burtell, the writer of “Fast and Furious 7” and the author of the “Badge of Honor” series Curtis Bertel, in cooperation with the soldiers of the UAE Armed Forces, who witnessed the real facts of the ambush in 2018, from which the story was inspired. .

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