It’s the Hashemite sperm bomb


It’s the bomb in the woods, whose shrapnel has not stopped since the entry of the cursed, the calm, the al-Rasi
Abdo al-Hashemi’s bombs and the shrapnel that settle in the bodies of children and mothers came out of the Hashemi sperm lab
This is the pure Yemeni blood that floods the face of the Taiz child and makes her breath stop and her feet stop living and moving. This is the voice that fills the nights of Taiz sobbing and the days of Aden moaning.
This is the orgy that targeted the house of one of the tribes of Murad al-Qibli, and the mines that blew up the homes of the free people of Yemen. All of the above are not weapons, not weapons.
A weapon does not shoot by itself Didn’t one of the philosophers say fascist ideas a charged pistol?
Believe me, every droplet fired by the Hashemite tree is the daughter of the cursed mixture of the sword, the woodland and the blood. This trinity is more dangerous than what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is the Hashemite nuclear bomb. Japan has overcome the danger of the horrific accident and rises again every year with a sad, silent pause and two tears to preserve memory, but this polite and wounded country The cursed bomb explodes every half a century, with victims in the stomachs of cemeteries that devastated the areas of cities and villages. The expansion and expansion of Saada, for example, is the largest cemetery in the Middle East.. They kill Yemenis with Yemenis.
The Hashemite bomb has kept pace with the times, and has become a mixture of dynamite, wood and blood
The one who fired the missiles at the children of Taiz has in his mind the idea that he followed the grandson of the Prophet. He believes that he is worshiping God under the directives of Ibn al-Bunni, who celebrated the birth of the Prophet and the birth as the thief of watches said. The flags of guidance still carry the Hashemite inheritance from generation to generation, and the Prophet’s materials did not stop..
I will tell you why they held on to Hashem and not Qusay bin Kalam, for example, and not even Abdul-Muttalib or Abdul Manaf to be dissent and not simply Hashemite, because the first sovereignty they gained was sovereignty over the Kaaba in the era of Hashem and they inherited the watering, according to which they lived on the gifts that were given to the Kaaba and smear it, which is the same thing that They tried to repeat it in Yemen under the name of the guardian and the master whose skin and bones grew from eggs, ghee and harvest crops.

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