It’s time for the decisive moment in Marib


In spite of all that Marib has retained in terms of brilliance and the accumulation of national struggles in the manner of the historical cities of great valor and legendary achievements against the brutal madness of power and the oppression of colonialism.

However, that feeling of fire expanding in my depths and opening holes without a decision, from chronic anticipation and acute questioning, did not leave me for a moment, as if I was waiting for the zero hour, to break out of the bottleneck and escape from a dilemma that kept repeating the size of the great national predicament and the pain that crosses borders, lighthouses and places, and it repeats. What Al-Baradouni once said:

From dawn until dawn we are dragged like a mill ** Where do you go, and where do you come from?

When will Marib overflow and put an end to this bitter harvest?

The harvest that all hands have sown and many eyes have been working on guarding it, regardless of their ambitions and goals.

However, those hands forgot the reality of the land of the two gardens, and the sower must review himself before placing the seed so that he does not reap a blazing fire.

This is Marib, which has not forgotten itself and will not compromise in an iota of its soil before death tests it a thousand times to fail as usual, and the Shebaan land will return to its own way as the starting point of civilizations and the cradle of strength and extreme valor.

It seems to me that the moment has come, and it is time for Marib to burn the papers and lean its back against the wall to fight fiercely with anyone who wants to give it one last chance. There is no longer a taste for a second of illusion, and it cannot give up a single seed of national dignity anymore.

Those who speak of the language of defeat do not know that the bright hours in humanity’s destiny begin with the moment it has the high daring to admit facts and the ability to reveal, while on the other side it is fighting the mother of all battles and succeeding in repelling the most dangerous project that Yemen has known.

In the end..

When the Houthis applied to the entrances and exits of the city, Marib knew with great flexibility, how to engage in a clash worthy of victory and from a distance of zero, as you know, with the same amount of flexibility, how to manage its struggles at a great distance from generations and centuries, and then accept nothing but victory.

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