Jewels of “Yemen” is a fruit with amazing benefits for cardiovascular patients


Grape fruit is one of the best summer fruits, as it provides the body with energy and boosts the immune system because it contains vitamin C, which helps the body fight viruses and bacteria.

A Russian nutritionist revealed the benefits of grapes and the effect of eating them on a daily basis on health, in addition to the most useful types of grapes.

Yana Grishina said that eating grapes will not cause any harm to the body if the ration does not exceed daily calories.

She added that the most useful types of grapes are black and red grapes, as they normalize blood pressure and will be very useful for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

And she continued, “The number of organic acids in it is amazing, as it contains gallic, tartaric, formic, oxalic, malic, succinic, and salicylic acids.”

She pointed out that, in addition, grapes are famous for their antioxidant properties, as they help the body prevent the process of destroying cells and tissues, as well as helping to cleanse them of toxins, and these components are found more in black grapes.

Grapes also contain a third of the daily value of “vitamin C”, which is necessary to maintain the immune system, and “vitamin B”, which plays an important role in accelerating the metabolism process. This is very important, with a good metabolism, a person’s weight normalizes, and these vitamins also have a positive effect on nerve cells, increasing the body’s resistance to stress, and as a result, a person sees information more calmly and remembers it better.

The main function of the acids contained in grapes is the formation of microflora, acceleration of metabolism and improvement of digestion. They also help maintain the acid-base environment in the body. Succinic acid affects cellular respiration, salicylic acid has an antiseptic effect, and malic and tartaric acid prevent the development of tumors.

It is worth noting that grapes are grown in areas with moderate cold weather. The areas surrounding Sanaa are the most famous, including Bani Hashish (30 km east of Sanaa), which is one of the most fertile grape-growing areas, Bani Al-Harith, Wadi Dahr (north of Sanaa), and Saada Governorate (north of the country). ), and the Khawlan region (southeast), as well as the Dhibin district of Amran governorate, where Sanaa alone accounts for 80 percent of grape cultivation, in addition to some areas in the governorates of Al-Jawf, Al-Bayda and Al-Dhalea.

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