Khasrouf: President Hadi has a national project that will lead Yemen out of a major strife (video)


The Director of the Moral Guidance Department in the dismissed National Army, Major General Mohsen Khasrouf, confirmed that President Hadi has a national project that will lead the country out of a great deal.

Khasrouf described President Hadi as “a man of good will who wanted to save Yemen, so he put in place an excellent national project, and if it succeeds, Yemen will emerge from great strife.”

He explained that President Hadi’s national project is represented in the draft Yemeni constitution, which is based on the outcomes of the national dialogue, which the Houthis and the former president did not like.

Khasrouf added that President Hadi’s project, “did not like the two parties to the coup, namely Afash and Al-Houthi,” noting that “Saleh saw that ruling is a family right… and Al-Houthi saw it as a divine right for him and his dynasty, so they turned against him on the eve of handing them over the draft constitution.”

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