“Khawlan tribes” are invited to the house of the treacherous Sheikh in Sana’a and send a stern warning to the “Houthis”


Today, Tuesday, local and tribal sources reported that the “Khawlan tribes” broke into the house of the treacherous Sheikh in the capital, Sana’a, and issued a stern warning to the “Houthi rebels.”

The sources told Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni that the Khawlan tribes are still flocking to the house of Sheikh Muhammad Naji Al-Khadr in Sana’a, warning the Houthi militia against any action against the treacherous.

The sources indicated that the Khawlan tribe would allow the Marib tribes to cross to Sanaa at the appropriate time.

And earlier, tribal sources confirmed that the defection of Sheikh Khawlan Al-Tayal and a prominent leader in the General People’s Congress Party, Sheikh Muhammad bin Naji Al-Khadr, from the Houthi militia, and his support for legitimacy, after the Houthis’ assassination of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh in the December 2017 uprising, heralds the conquest of A new front in Khawlan, facilitating the storming of Sanaa.

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