kidnapping the prophet


Before al-Houthi kidnapped the country’s capital, the memory of the Prophet’s birthday was passing by a pleasant calm. People celebrated in a simple and spontaneous way, remembering the birth of the spiritual inspirer, by transmitting his commandments and sayings, and sensing his greatness. It was an occasion that doubled their joy. The grocery store, unable to contribute to the costs of the ceremony, leads to depression and a sense of injustice, and another word escapes him, and he curses the “Prophet of the Houthis,” and the thieves celebrate him.

Prophecy has a special effect, a magical and deep semantic revelation in the human conscience, the word “prophecy” even when it is abstracted from its religious dimension and includes a high sanctity. Prophecy and the Prophet are a sign that symbolizes the relationship between the worlds of the unseen and the witnessed, a medium whose sanctity is gained from his relationship with the Absolute.

But al-Houthi does not celebrate the Prophet as a kind of declaration of his subordination to him in the world of martyrdom, nor as a reminder of holiness; Rather, a desire to rob it, he celebrates the Prophet to own the worlds of the unseen and the witnessed, and this is the largest historical robbery of symbolism, carried out by a group to monopolize the sources of legislation and meaning: authority and power, the Prophet and prophecy together.

Al-Houthi’s prophet is a “secular prophet”… Is this a compliment to Al-Houthi, as if he were a modernist group with a secular inclination? Of course not, she is using the Prophet for secular, secular purposes.

It turns the idea of ​​the Prophet into a consumer value, stripping it of its value dimension, thus becoming a secularized means, a tool for profit, regardless of the loss inflicted on the idea, and stripping it of its transcendental divine aura.

Well, the Mawlid of the Prophet is no longer a purely religious occasion – even no matter how religiously important, correct or invalid it is – all this is not a big deal, it has turned into a dangerous propaganda tool, a promotional party used by a warrior group to purge its blood-stained image, an authoritarian apparatus that invokes the idea of ​​the sacred ; To legitimize his profane existence.

What al-Houthi is doing on the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday goes beyond the most dangerous fortune-telling tricks throughout Islamic history. He does not fool people in the name of the hereafter, and he does not hide with religion in order to appear as a righteous and ascetic group. just all of that; Rather, it goes further, and destroys the very idea of ​​the “Prophet”, after it destroyed the world of people.

What is happening is a systematic sabotage of both the religious and religious order of life, the crushing of material and moral life, the hijacking of the public and private destiny. Al-Houthi kidnapped the presidency and the symbolism of the Prophet together, and in both cases he contributed and contributes to their destruction and still is.

Abdul-Malik al-Houthi said: “We will make the Mawlid a different occasion than any other occasion.” Then he instructed his gang to fire missiles at the children of Marib. Who is bombing Marib? The criminal Houthi group, it does this and raises the slogan of prophecy. Does Abdul-Malik do it in his name as a killer guarding his authority with blood, or does he wear the clothes of the son of the Prophet..?

Is it not more dangerous than that of an assassin who kills his opponent; Motivated by mere authoritarianism? indeed.

Abdul-Malik al-Houthi destroys people’s lives, burns their bodies and their memories together, the man has exhausted nature and beyond, drained real life and continues to drain what goes beyond reality. A group of comprehensive existential ruin, a satanic curse that has vowed itself to annihilation, as if Abdul-Malik al-Houthi is the visible embodiment of Satan himself, the existential enemy not only of the Prophet “Muhammad”, but of God himself, of God, of the will of life, of creation and the idea of ​​human existence as a whole.

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