Kilo 16 is not its only outlet.. The war to liberate Hodeidah, the dominant one, is ongoing


The victorious and victorious battle was advancing to liberate Hodeidah. Hodeidah is not the 16th kilometer street nor is the Thabet Brothers Complex.

Hodeidah ports and city.

They agreed and concluded their order to prevent you, stop the battle, and imprison you in a booby-trapped space, under the pain of an enforceable international resolution and imposed sanctions and a chorus of intimidation by legitimacy and rebellion against legitimacy.

The battle and Hodeidah are in the hands of legitimacy, agreement and internationals.

No one intimidates us with inaccuracies and falsehoods. Our fighting forces are fine, our fronts are fortified, and the morale of the fighters is in the sky. No one has the right or authority to draw up your military plans for you. And it is not in your interest to remain a fourth and fifth year guarding the dust of Section 16, paying human, material and moral costs under the sun and in the open, and not re-securing your soldiers and your positioning of feet.

Those who did not see or care about the caravans of martyrs, pushing them successively in three years, and who only surrendered to the fronts and provinces and joked about you with fishing, are not qualified to give us lectures of any kind.

We are the ones who determine our steps and where our feet are, and we foresee our options.

With this clarity, we are re-positioning in our area and theater of operations.

Do not fear us with a withdrawal or otherwise. You just watch out for the remnants of countries and fronts that slip through your fingers tactically.

Glory to the fighters.

For those who fail, shame and dust.

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