Kissing the Black Stone and the circumambulation of non-pilgrims


Saudi media sources confirmed that the service of booking a circumambulation around the Kaaba will be made available for non-pilgrims in the Mataf and all roundabouts in the Great Mosque of Mecca with full capacity, according to precautionary measures, soon.

The sources disclosed that the reservation service for receiving the Black Stone, receiving the Yemeni Corner, and praying at Hajar Ismail will be organized through approved electronic applications.

The sources confirmed that the presidency is working with all relevant authorities to provide the finest services to visitors to the Two Holy Mosques in order to achieve the aspirations of the matter while implementing precautionary and preventive measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

And the Kingdom had recently announced allowing the use of the full capacity in the Grand Mosque, with obligating workers and visitors to wear the muzzle at all times in all the corridors of the mosque, and continuing to use the “Umrah or We Trust” application to take the dates of Umrah and prayer to control the numbers present at the same time, in addition to allowing full use The capacity in the Prophet’s Mosque, with workers and visitors obligated to wear a muzzle at all times in all the halls of the mosque.

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