Labouza’s message to the occupation forces that blew up the revolution


On this night, the night of October 14, 1963 AD, forces from the (South Arab) army, as Britain called it, were marching towards the revolutionaries area in Radfan to eliminate Sheikh Rajeh Labouza and his companions, who had come from the north of the homeland after fighting there in support of the September revolution.

Upon their return, the British officer in Al-Habileen sent a message in his name and in the name of the South Arab Union government, asking them to reach him with the weapons they brought with them from the north, and a fine of (500) shillings for each person, with a pledge not to return to fighting in the north unless the punishment would be… This message was sent to the British officer, MP Muhammad Hassan Ali, deputy sheikhdom of Radfan.. The message reached Sheikh Lubouza, so he met with his companions, and everyone agreed to respond with the following message (Dear the political officer in Al-Habileen and those with him.

We have received your letter addressed to us regarding our return from the Arab Republic of Yemen, and you have threatened us in your name and in the name of what you have said that it is our government (the government of the south of Arabia). We would like to tell you that we do not recognize you or the government of your Arab south. We warn you against approaching our borders, which is considered from the front or above). On the authority of the returnees, Rajeh bin Ghalib Labouza ((28 September 1963 AD)). These exchanged messages were reported by Muhammad Abbas Naji Al-Dhali in his book (New Facts about the First Launch of the October 14 Revolution). . And Salem Halboub in his book Abdel Nasser and the Revolution of the South.

And the book of the National Documentary Symposium for the Yemeni Revolution on October 14. A letter was also published by the newspaper Fatat Al-Jazirah, which was published in Aden on October 23. He carried this message to the two peoples, the militant Qassem Shayef, and he attached a bullet to his shirt (Zaki Karam) inside the envelope… The English went crazy over this challenge, and a thousand soldiers from the Union Army (South Arabia) moved, supported by modern British weapons and aircraft. They moved towards Radfan, so what happened after that, and how did the events go? In the next episode we will know!

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